Since I'm on Kickstarter a lot, looking for the cream of the crop in the many board games they offer. I thought it might be nice to have a website which does the filtering for you. Getting data from Kickstarter is not easy so this site might not always be up-to-date. If you want to be absolutely certain not to miss anything, check Kickstarter yourself.

I'm still working on this website, top priority is to remove Kickstarters that have ended.

Why sign in?

When logged in to the website it will remember where you left off last time so you can track which games you haven't seen yet. You will be able to "star" your favorites. Right now you can filter those stars, in a future version your star will be counted and used as a community rating system.

What's Iwan's choice?

These are games that I recommend looking into. This doesn't mean I have backed them, but I can imagine a "gamer" wanting to know about them.